Mattia Bonetti

03/06/2014 – 19/07/2014

‘I design emotions’, says Mattia Bonetti, who will be presenting a new exhibition of work at David Gill Galleries in London in June. Swiss-born and Paris-based, Mattia Bonetti has worked with David Gill for over 27 years and was the debut artist when Gill opened his first gallery in in 1987. Since then, Bonetti’s pieces – fantastical furniture ranging from the wildly baroque to the minimal and angular as well as playful and witty – can be seen in many of the world’s leading museums and galleries and are keenly sought after by collectors, including Elton John and Madonna.

New pieces by Bonetti always cause excitement and there will be huge interest in this new collection of 25 richly sculptural pieces. For this new collection, Bonetti has used a variety of distinctive materials - bronze, tufo, rock crystal, wood and upholstery to create tables, sofas, chairs, mirrors and lighting, all of which have been produced in his distinctive, imaginative and luxurious style.

In some cases, Bonetti has taken the inspiration of disparate objects to make new pieces. For example, a pair of hand-made shields made from painted, solid wood, have been used to make a striking armchair. Bonetti has woven a variety of ideas into this collection. The notion of art imitating nature is clear to see and natural materials, which might normally be rough-hewn are constructed with bold, straight edges. The Bubble Gum table and Roots table convey elements of the human form, conveying voluptuous fragility and rounded generous curves.

‘With Mattia’s work there is always the element of surprise, whether it be in the material, concept, shape or function. In this new collection he expresses ideas in an intelligent and innovative way creating pieces which are contemporary and very sought after.’ David Gill.

The new Mattia Bonetti 2014 collection will be on show at David Gill Galleries from 3rd June until 19th July.