A self described ‘troublemaker turned traditionalist’, Swiss-born designer Mattia Bonetti trained as a textile designer in Lugano before relocating to Paris in 1973.  He has worked there ever since as an art photographer, style consultant and decorator.  Bonetti made his first foray into furniture design for the interior of Le Palace in Paris – a night club and restaurant that was the city’s answer to Studio 54.  The designer, with his then business partner Elisabeth Garouste, rose to international prominence after creating a new graphic identity for Christian Lacroix and designing his Maison de Couture in 1987. "We were producing furniture like sculpture," says Bonetti now. "The way we worked was very free, very artistic." The two went on to produce highly collectible limited edition furniture and objects.

Since 2002, Bonetti has worked independently, designing innovative sculptural furniture in stainless steel, bronze, wood, plastic, resin and any other material which suits his purpose.  His designs are constantly evolving with a creativity that is unhindered by convention or trends in the larger design world.  Bonetti’s work can always be described as an expression of luxury, though it shifts through changing aesthetics and often has a certain duality.  His designs succeed at being elaborately decorative while retaining a futurist vision that is decidedly optimistic.

Mattia Bonetti received the ‘Best Original Design Award’ from the English press for his 2004 collection of furniture with David Gill gallery.  His work has been collected by museums around the world and has been shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Cooper-Hewitt, New York, and the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, among others.